Nusa Lembongan is part of Bali, so no passport is needed to visit except as identification required to check into a hotel or villa.

Fast boats from Sanur and Benoa Harbour leave for Nusa Lembongan regularly throughout the day and the crossing takes about 30 minutes. Our recommended fast boat operator is Rocky Fast Cruise. (

Visitors to Nusa Lembongan are able to hire scooters or golf buggies to zip around the island. Most accommodation, and some restaurants like Sandy Bay Beach Club, also have trucks to pick up and drop off guests.

There are only a couple of ATMs on Nusa Lembongan so we recommend withdrawing sufficient cash before visiting the island. Sandy Bay Beach Club is foreign currency friendly, and also accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

The local Lembonganese are Hindu and visitors will notice very little difference in culture on Nusa Lembongan to that on the Bali mainland. Please be respectful when visiting temples and wear a sarong. We also ask you to respect the local community by wearing a top at all times unless you are on a beach, on a boat, in the water or around a pool.

Nusa Lembongan only experiences two seasons during the year – the wet and the dry and between the two little temperature variations from 30 degrees occur. Similar to the Bali mainland, the wet season is from December to February and the dry season is from March to November, although Nusa Lembongan receives less rainfall than Bali.

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Sandy Bay is located on Nusa Lembongan’s southwest coast and faces directly west toward Bali’s Bukit area. Sandy Bay Beach Club’s truck offers free transport with a smile to and from your hotel, villa or boat.

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